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Our school uniform sets a high expectation for students to be smart, neat and ready to learn. This uniform is not gender specific.


  • A light blue shirt

  • Branded ties* ^

  • Kilt-style skirts ^

  • A navy-blue blazer embroidered with our new logo ^

  • Dark grey formal trousers

  • Optional navy-blue V-neck plain jumper (no logo)

  • Black socks if wearing trousers

  • Navy-blue long socks if wearing skirt

* Ties feature the school logo and 2 horizontal stripes and will continue with the child throughout each key stage.


Year group ties from September 2023

Year 7 - Maroon with blue stripe

Year 8 - Maroon
Year 9 - Maroon with silver stripe

Year 10 - Blue with maroon stripe

Year 11 - Blue


Our school uniform is available from:

^ Branded items can be purchased from:

Laser Schoolwear, 56 Victoria Road, Widnes WA8 7RJ
Kits for All Ltd, 14 Lugsdale Road, Widnes, WA8 6DH

example of black shoes


  • All shoes must be plain black and should be able to be polished

  • The sole of the shoe must be plain black

  • Trainer style or canvas shoes are not allowed

  • No logo or embellishments

  • Students will be expected to change into a suitable pair of shoes provided by the school, if they fail to meet expectations


It is compulsory that all students wear the appropriate School branded kit, which has been designed by our students, for all PE lessons.

High standards of PE kit are expected within all year groups and this is closely monitored by PE staff from lesson to lesson. A policy is also in place to ensure students understand the importance of bringing full PE kit to all PE lessons.

The PE kit has been developed in collaboration with students, PE Staff and the manufacturers O'Neill's with the focus on quality, durability, value for money and ethical sourcing. 

PE kit is available via the O'Neills website.

Example of P&P PE kit

Note: All other items listed on the O'Neills website are optional, for example the skinny bottoms and half zip squad top. 

Black leggings and dance t-shirts are for Key Stage 4 students only.


We're supporting students with incorrect or missing items of uniform to uphold and maintain our uniform standards.


These students will be asked to visit our One Stop Shop to borrow the things they need to meet school requirements.

The One Stop Shop will initially work like a swap shop. Students identified as having inappropriate dress will be given a guidance, and will be directed to the shop, located in the hub, to retrieve items like ties, blazers and shoes.


Students will be expected to return borrowed items at the end of the school day and the shop team will keep track of items out on loan around the school.

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