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Wednesday 22 October &
Thursday 23 October

5.00 pm - 7. 00 pm

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Date Change - Year 8 Guidance Evening will now take place on Wednesday 12 November


Year 12 Visit  Liverpool Hope University

On 3 September Mr Wallace, the Progress Leader for years 12 and 13, Kate our College Chaplain, Lynn the Pastoral Progress Officer for Sixth Form, Gill the Sixth Form Learning Mentor and Josh Wood, a former student took 92 students for an induction day to Liverpool Hope University on their first day back after the long summer break.

The students were able to see the facilities of the University and meet up with staff and students who work and study there and find more about University life and studies.

Mr Wallace held  workshops about ‘being a good sixth former ‘ Lynn talked about the processes around being a sixth former and Gill introduced the many opportunities each and every student can take when they are in our sixth form.  Josh talked about his experience over the past two years with the Lassalian Project which enabled him to travel to Thailand and Kenya to help build schools and facilities in local villages.  

Kate’s session in the beautiful chapel allowed students to reflect on the theme of ‘planting the seeds of new beginnings’  by moving around a series of four prayer stations where they considered PLANTING seeds, BEING seeds of hope, NURTURING others to grow, and GROWING in faith. We ended the day with the celebration of Mass, presided over by Fr Stephen Pritchard (Associate Dean of the University and long-time friend of our College) and were delighted that Marie-Therese one of the University’s Chaplains could join with us for this.    Afterwards the students were able to enjoy a meal at the campus together before returning to Widnes.  

We want to thank every student who attended; they were exemplary in their behaviour and manners and were a true credit to Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College.   

Moving Up Y6
6th Form Information

Year 10 Visit Quarry Bank Mill

On Tuesday 30 September the Year 10 History students went on an educational visit to Quarry Bank Mill as part of their GCSE controlled assessment.

Quarry Bank Mill provides students with the opportunity to explore the Industrial Revolution and what the working and living conditions were like for factory workers in Victorian times. The Mill contains working machinery and demonstrations of the traditional methods that were used to make cloth in the industrial period. The students also had a tour of the pauper apprentice house, which was home to the pauper children who worked in the Mill. The Apprentice House is a recreated ‘home’ where students can experience life in the past. From the strict lesson in the schoolroom to seeing the grisly medical treatments of the day, this brings the course content to life and is a crucial part of answering question 2 of the controlled assessment.The Mill is situated in Styal Village and was built by the Greg family for their workforce. This offers evidence that Gregg was a unique employer and that he was ahead of his time in caring for the welfare of his workers.

The trip was a great success, enjoyed by students and staff. The Students’ behaviour and attitude was exceptional throughout the day.  

Well done to all involved.

Mr Downes - History Dept


Year 10 Guidance Evening

On Tuesday 14 October around 300 parents and students joined us for some food in the dining room (Excellent array of sandwiches and homemade soup, steak pie, chunky chips, peas and gravy. It went down a treat!).  Parents and students then gathered in the Main hall where they were welcomed by Mrs Varkulis the year 10 pastoral progress leader.


The session in the main hall was delivered by Mr Boulton our Senior Assistant Head teacher who is in charge of Progress and Attainment. Mr Boulton delivered a really good explanation about students targets and how they can make better progress from aiming high and the importance of the triangulated support of Teachers, Parents and the Students and how united we can make a real impact with progress. He discussed with parents their child’s Flight Path and where we estimate those targets from.


The other two sessions were spent in two halves, one where they went with their child’s progress tutor and parents received a presentation on examination success and how parents can help their child through this important time in their child’s life. Also the importance of attendance linked to academic progress was discussed and the impact that low attendance has on a student’s opportunity in gaining examination qualifications at the required grades. All parents left with a really good idea of how tutor time works across our year group and the daily activities that their child undertakes and the revision skills and strategies they can support their child with for the examination process.


The other session was delivered by two of our Directors of Faculty who informed parents of the external examinations their children actually sit this year in Science and English and this is their real GCSE’S. They also showed parents our online homework facility known as Doddle which is an interactive homework facility that can be used on electronic devices. Parents can log in and check their child’s homework completion rates and grades and even set extra homework or revision for their child.


A huge thank you to all the students and parents who attended and if anyone wishes to receive any further information they can contact their child’s progress tutor.


Mrs J Varkulis
Year 10 Pastoral Progress Leader