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The Curriculum has been carefully crafted to helps us realise the vision for our community.

This mission is at the heart of our Curriculum and the experience we want for our students.

We are committed to our mission of inspiring our students to ‘be the best learner, citizen and person’ they can be.

If you require further information about the school curriculum please contact Mrs McComas.

Aim of the school curriculum

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) Lessons

Year 7-9 subject grid

Key stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) Lessons

Our students study a three year key stage 3 curriculum so choose their option subjects in Year 9 ready to begin their exam courses in Year 10.

We place great importance on a broad and balanced curriculum which allows students to gain a wide knowledge and to develop a love of learning which leads onto them formally starting their GCSE course.

All students in key stage 3 and key stage 4 are given lessons in Personal Development throughout to ensure we develop wellbeing, resilience and awareness of safety (specific to their age) to support their academic progress.

We use Microsoft Teams to deliver online lessons, home study and remote learning curriculum when required.

In Years 10 and 11 students study the Core subjects and choose from a range of options.  Every year the suite of options are developed to meet and/or interests of Year 9 students. 

Years 10 and 11 core subjects

Current Option Subjects

Ebacc suite:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, History, Geography, French, Spanish

Creative suite:  Art, Dance, Drama, Music, PE

Technical suite:  Food and Nutrition, Design Technology, iMedia, Business Studies, Health and Social Care, Social Science, Construction



We work in close partnership with Riverside, Cronton and Carmel Colleges, all of which are outstanding providers, to ensure that students have the knowledge, skills and attributes to get onto specialist courses in post 16 settings.  These partnerships enable us to play our part in preparing the workforce of the future by developing pathways to employment both regionally, nationally and globally.


In the English department at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic High School we want students to foster a love of English and ensure that all students engage with the subject.

student in English lesson


The aim of our inclusive curriculum is to inspire all our students to enjoy mathematics and prepare them with skills to take into the rest of their lives.

Student in maths lesson
Student in science lesson


Our curriculum intent is to inspire and encourage all students to be inquisitive and respectful learners about the world around us, how the world works and our role within it as citizens, now and in the future.

Student in RE lesson


Here at Saints Peter and Paul, we are privileged to offer our students a learning experience which explores humanity, worldviews and religion. 

Animal Care

The aim of the Animal Care curriculum is to provide students with a breadth of knowledge across a fast growing industry within the UK economy.

Animal Care


At Saints Peter and Paul, we recognise the vital role of art and design for students of all abilities and how it is an integral part of children’s education. 

Students during art lesson

Business Studies

The vision of the Business Studies department is to support and help our young people understand and engage with the ever changing business world in which we live to enable them to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to become more informed learners and entrepreneurs.



Our curriculum intent is to inspire and encourage all students to be inquisitive and respectful learners about the world around us, how the world works and our role within it as citizens, now and in the future.

Design and Technology

Design and technology is taught throughout key stage 3, following the programmes of study set out in the National Curriculum.

Students in Design Technology  lesson


Our Drama Curriculum aims to inspire in all students an appreciation of many different genres and styles of text and performance.

Students taking part in a drama lesson
Students looking at cards with a  globe on the desk during geography lesson


Geography at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic High School aims to provide an environment where students experiences and curiosity are valued, and their wisdom nurtured and supported.


Health & Social Care

The aim of our health and social care curriculum is to develop essential specialist knowledge and skills across a variety of health, social care and early years topics.


We believe that students deserve a broad and ambitious History curriculum, rich in skills and knowledge, which allows them to understand their place in the world whilst developing tolerance and compassion for their fellow citizens.

Students in history lesson


At Saints Peter and Paul, we see Music as a universal language which translates across the world. Our Music curriculum will foster creativity, experimentation, resilience whilst building confidence and supporting the well-being of all students.

Student taking a guitar off the wall in music lesson
Students reading to each other in a drama lesson

PE and Dance

Students will experience a balanced and varied, high quality curriculum allowing students the opportunity to take part in individual and team sports within competitive and non-competitive inclusive environments, allowing student to use tactics and strategies to outwit opponents.

Personal Development

Personal Development is an essential component in any school’s broad and balanced curriculum. Discrete lessons alongside form time, assemblies, and the extra-curricular programme all contribute to personal development at the school.

Group of students and teacher
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