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A ministry based on the gospel story from Luke known as the Road to Emmaus, chaplaincy is one of the vehicles of support offered by the school:

“As they talked and discussed, Jesus himself drew near and walked along with them” (Lk 24:15)


At Saints Peter and Paul Chaplaincy is a way of accompanying members of our school community along the ups and downs of their journey; regardless of their personal faith/background we see it as our mission to walk alongside every member of our community so that they know that whatever comes their way they are never alone with it.


Chaplaincy is a way of linking our school community to our parish, archdiocese, our local community and our global neighbours.

Our Patrons - Saint Peter and Saint Paul

We are blessed to have as our patrons two men who teach us that in spite of our mistakes, our getting things wrong, our stuff ups, and misjudgements we still have so much to give.


Just as Peter and Paul were chosen for special and unique callings, here at the school named after them we believe that every member of our community has their own wonderful gifts to share, their mission to accomplish and we look to support every student in this, encouraging them to believe in themselves, even when they get it wrong; and to know that they are not defined by their mistakes but loved, and forgiven.

Our School Prayer

Created in conjunction with the whole school community, our school prayer emphasises who we are as a community - family. 


We pray that we will be a community of love, joy and friendship.


We ask for the inspiration of our saints, that we might find their courage and wisdom so that we can be the wonderful, unique, and special individuals we have all been called to be.

school prayer image

Collective Worship

Students participate in acts of collective worship daily, these might take the form of a form-based tutor-led time of prayer and reflection, a Year Group Hall-based collective worship led by different members of staff, or periodic form visits to the Chapel for collective worship.

Whilst all our acts of collective worship are Christian in nature we are mindful of the different backgrounds of members of our community and we always strive to ensure that people of faith or none are able, with willing and open hearts, to make a personal connection to each message and know how they can apply that to their own lives.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in end of term liturgies for Advent and Lent, and will be offered various opportunities to participate in collective worship in different ways.

Students RE lesson
School chapel

Catholic Life

The Catholic life of our school is demonstrated every day in our emphasis on the values taught by Jesus - love, compassion, respect, reconciliation, peace, service, justice, acceptance…

Every child will experience this in different ways:  through our care, the  curriculum, extra curricular opportunities, through visits, invitations to give of themselves to make a difference to others, through our safeguarding, our SEND provision, our relationships within and beyond our walls.

In addition there are opportunities to share in the sacraments, to link with parish and archdiocesan events, and to mark important dates in the liturgical calendar.

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