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At Saints Peter and Paul we are keen to ‘grow’ our young people as future leaders.  

Student Leadership

There are a number of opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills including the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Year 11 Student Mentoring programme, Student Coaching opportunities and the Sports Leadership Programme. If you would like to find out about leadership opportunities for your son or daughter, his or her Achievement Leader can provide you with full details.

Student Council

Our Student Council members play a key role in acting as student leaders. The Student Council has a clear focus to look at teaching and learning at the school so that they can improve the quality of learning and progress for our students at the School. It is made up of a group of determined, articulate and well-motivated students, keen to do their bit to take the School from strength to strength. We are very proud of their efforts on behalf of the student body.

Current Student Leaders

We were blown away by the quality of this year's student leader and prefect applications. Our successful students encompass all our school is about: regularly demonstrating our values of compassion, aspiration and respect. This year will seem a little different as lots of our meetings will take place virtually but we know they will still play a crucial in school improvement. 


Congratulations and we look forward to working with you all. 

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