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At Saints Peter and Paul Catholic High School we are dedicated to ensuring all students achieve a well balanced education, that ensures they are as well prepared as they can be for the next stage of their education and make a positive contribution to society.

Our options programme helps students get a better understanding of what each subject entails and the process for choosing options. Some subjects are compulsory which are called core subjects but there is a certain degree of choice where the others are concerned.  Selecting which subjects to study at GCSE is a very important decision as it will affect students’ progress over the next two years, their choice of subjects at college, and employment prospects in the future. 

Student will study a minimum of 7 GCSE subjects and then have two further options which could be either GCSE or vocational. 

The English Baccalaureate (EBacc) 

Some students will choose the English Baccalaureate which is a particular group of subjects that are usually looked on favourably by certain universities.  Having a mix of GCSE subjects steered towards the EBacc will help to keep more options open in the future.  The English Baccalaureate requires success at a minimum of a grade ‘5’ in courses in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science, a Modern Foreign Language and a Humanities subject History or Geography. 


A language will be an advantage for most careers in the future, and the top universities are only interested in students who study one. This is one of the reasons why we encourage students at Saints Peter and Paul to study a language.


The options booklet is part of a process to help students make sensible and considered decisions.  These choices are important and students should make the most of the opportunities available to them in the next few weeks to ensure they make the right decisions.  

Your child’s progress tutors and subject teachers will be offering key advice, information and guidance in lessons and form time. In addition to the information you will receive , there will be an opportunity for students to have a one to one interview with a member of our senior team at our Options Choices Evening in February.  


Below are links to some videos which gives further information about the new options we offer at GCSE.

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