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Student in music lesson taking guitar from the wall

The Music department fundamentally follows the school values of ‘Excellence, Opportunity and Inclusivity’. We offer excellence within our lessons and we expect high standards of excellence from students in these lessons. Our offer in music is wide reaching and varied, both inside and outside the classroom, with many opportunities to get involved within the subject and across the Arts subjects. The department is open to all, with an inclusive environment encouraging the involvement of any who have an interest in an aspect of Music, from classical performance to DJing and production.


In addition, Music education is widely considered to promote and nurture many desirable traits and life skills that young people need to develop to become positive, contributing members of society, leaders, and creative thinkers. Beyond the fundamental value of music to cultures worldwide, music education has been proven to equip students with essential abilities to learn skills, enhance academic success and develop superior working memory. All of these transfer across all other subject areas by improving ability to recall and retain verbal information, enhancing thinking skills. Music allows students to develop capacities, skills and knowledge that is essential for lifelong success, such as fostering resilience, perseverance, creativity, confidence, self-esteem, and an ability to communicate in different ways. Our passionate musicians are able to develop and are prepared to pursue further studies and careers in Music and the Arts, as well as the wider world.

The Music curriculum and OCHL at our school is designed to nurture the skills and knowledge required to foster these beliefs with our students and ignite their creativity. Music lessons and extra-curricular activities provides students with the opportunity to experience music through Performing, Composing and Listening learning activities. By enabling our students to access and study a range of music over a range of cultures, historical context, and styles, they can become musicians who have an appreciation for, and an awareness of musical and cultural conventions. Our students are provided with opportunities to participate in and showcase their talents at a range of events across the academic year and are supported to grow as musicians, as well as balanced individuals, through the study of Music. Music aims to build students’ confidence in themselves; to be responsible and care for equipment and their environment; to respect others as they work and collaborate; and show respect when performing to their peers, allowing everyone to do their best. Students who are involved in the wider curriculum and opportunities past the classroom will also have the opportunity to be Bronze, Silver and Gold Music leaders.

As a school we believe in, and promote, traditional British values of respect for all and freedom for the individual, an understanding and celebration of diverse culture and religious beliefs and opportunity to make the most of individual students' talents.

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