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The Jim Wilson Centre for Learning (Wilson Centre) opened in January 2017 and provides our students and staff with an inspiring and purposeful space for reading, research, revision and collaboration. 

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Wilson Centre

The Wilson Centre is available to all faculties across the School to enrich learning and promote independence, confidence and achievement in our students. The space can also be used for staff collaboration.

The Wilson Centre is partnered with Halton Borough Library and all students and staff have access to its extensive book and digital collections, as well as our own library of fiction and non-fiction here in School.  This is particularly valuable as our students move towards independent research in preparation for further education and life beyond Saints Peter and Paul. 

The Wilson Centre offers:


  • Library of resources

  • Computers

  • Laptops

  • Flexible and comfortable seating

  • Staged area for presentations and additional seating

  • Areas for independent and collaborative work


All students are introduced to the Wilson Centre / Halton Library resources and issued with a Halton Library card enabling them to borrow from the Wilson Centre collection of books, as well as from Halton Library’s collection. 

Classes in the Wilson Centre

Year 7 and Curriculum 4 students benefit from one timetabled lesson per fortnight in the Wilson Centre.  During this time they read independently or take part in reading related activities.  Students can also borrow and return books during this time.

For the remaining time, the Wilson Centre is available for classes / clubs to use.   Teachers can book the Wilson Centre by completing the booking form on PC desktops. 


To ensure our students benefit from their time in the Wilson Centre, teachers consider the intended outcomes of the work / activities they plan for students in the Wilson Centre. 

Independent study


Students can use the Wilson Centre for independent study and reading during break, lunch and after school.


Staff collaboration and CPD

The Wilson Centre can also be booked for staff events such as departmental collaboration / CPD etc. 


Follow the Wilson Centre on Twitter@Stspnp_WilsonCT

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Virtual Library

Students are able to view the books we have for them to loan.

Reading Strategy

Full bookshelves
Reading Strategy
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