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Personal Development

Students and teacher

Personal Development is an essential component in any school’s broad and balanced curriculum. Discrete lessons alongside form time, assemblies, and the extra-curricular programme all contribute to personal development at the school. These are important in supporting students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural education. The curriculum also develops students’ understanding of fundamental British values and provides opportunities for students to appreciate the importance of good behaviour, physical, mental and personal well-being and keeping themselves safe. In addition to this the school also offers three ‘Learning for Life’ days to provide an opportunity to deliver targeted and high quality personal development and enrichment activities to students, as well as, enable the school to access education and training from external agencies.


The aim of Personal Development is to help give students the knowledge, skills and understanding that is required to lead confident, active, healthy and independent lives, whilst making informed decisions and being a responsible citizen in the community. Personal development allows students to take part in a variety of engaging activities and experiences in addition to other curriculum subjects, which contributes fully to our school and community.  We offer a curriculum that is flexible and can evolve based on the current needs of our students and the changes in the world around us. The curriculum takes into account the local context of the school, experiences and backgrounds of our students and provides them with relevant and memorable learning experiences that promote our schools vision, mission and values. 



Students have regular opportunities to reflect on experiences and understand how they are developing personally and socially, tackling many of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues young people face. We intend that all students will develop their confidence, be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, become knowledgeable, responsible and compassionate citizens and respect all individual differences so that they can fulfill different types of relationships throughout their life.

The curriculum allows for teachers to adapt lessons and change how the content of the lesson is delivered dependent on the needs of the class, making it an inclusive and challenging environment to ensure students reach their full potential. For example, students have the opportunity to take part in regular discussions, consider different social and moral dilemmas, watch different scenarios and consider the impact, take part in debates and role play activities. The curriculum allows for the development of all students, encouraging them to be the very best version of themselves.  It fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum through ambitious and challenging enquiry led learning, with clear progression. It allows students to return to and build upon previous learning, applying skills and knowledge to new challenges.


Personal Development Lessons

Our comprehensive personal development curriculum delivered to all students in Year 7 to 10. Students have one lesson every fortnight where debate, discussion and self-reflection are a key feature of the delivery.

Learning for Life Days

At key times in the year the whole school community engages with a specific personal development theme. The curriculum that day is focused on improving understanding and raising the profile of a key issue. Delivery is focused on student debate, discussion and reflection.




Day 1- Compassion (December)

Day 2- Aspiration (February)

Day 3 – Respect (July)


Extended Assembly Programme

The school runs an extended assembly programme. Elements of the programme are planned in advance however the school is also committed to responding to emerging and local and national needs. Some example of recent themes include water safety, online safety, student leadership and tolerance. 

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