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Student in maths lesson

The aim of our inclusive curriculum is to inspire all our students to enjoy mathematics and prepare them with skills to take into the rest of their lives.

Our ambitious curriculum is planned and sequenced to ensure that students have every opportunity to not only understand the underlying principles of mathematics, but to self-reflect and guide their own improvement.

Our mathematics team are committed to providing students with every opportunity to maximise their potential, whatever their starting point.  We strive to create strong mathematicians who can apply their knowledge and reasoning to solve problems both in and out of the classroom.  Students are encouraged to make links within mathematics and across other curriculum areas in the supportive, yet challenging environment we cultivate.  Developing their resilience so that they feel comfortable enough to learn through making mistakes and taking risks is a key focus in our learning process.  We develop fluency and challenge through depth so that students are well equipped to think logically, make connections and justify their thinking.


Websites that may be useful

Hegartymaths is a website which has been carefully designed to provide a learning took to support students.  It consists of a short video and quiz for every topic assessed on the mathematics curriculum up to Grade 9 GCSE.

This year at St Peter and Paul we will be using Hegartymaths as our main source for home study.  Students have been given an introduction lesson about our expectations regarding home study and provided a Hegartymaths home study book to put all their notes and work in.  Teachers will assign tasks to students as they progress through the curriculum, however students are also free to view any video or complete any quiz on the site in their own time.


Please find below some information on how you can help and support your son/daughter in their mathematical journey.

As well as all of the work that is completed while in school the following website can also help with Maths GCSE Revision.

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