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Students in RE lesson

The overarching intent for RE: Humanity, Worldviews and Religion at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic High School is to provide a curriculum which focuses on the following:


  • Personal growth - developing compassion, empathy and an enquiring, open-mind

  • Stewardship - caring for all creation and understanding their responsibility in sustaining our world

  • Respect - understanding the attitudes, beliefs, opinions and cultures of others

  • Asking Big Questions - challenging 'Big Ideas and Concepts' through effective communication and good listening skills

  • Morality - Understanding right from wrong and how views can differ

  • Courageous Advocacy - challenging injustice by standing up for the rights of others, and developing positive attitudes of respect towards other people

  • Enrichment - enhancing their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


Here at Saints Peter and Paul, we are privileged to offer our students a learning experience which explores humanity, worldviews and religion.  Religious education has evolved over recent years, and whilst, as part of a Catholic Community, students will understand the importance and relevance of religion in shaping and influencing society, they will also gain a full appreciation of the value of humanity and celebrate the diverse world in which they live.

As a Catholic School, this is the subject which lives and breathes our Vision, Mission and Values, guiding every student to be the very best version of themselves, as well as helping them develop respect and compassion for the views and opinions of others.

Our main objective is to provide varied, challenging and enriching lessons which effectively prepare students for life in a culturally divers modern world, whilst also preparing them for life in modern Britain.  Students will participate in our five-year journey of learning which explores, challenges and celebrated the attitudes and beliefs of our worldwide community, and helps us to develop open-minded citizens who do not simply tolerate, but embrace the diversity of the world around them.

Useful Websites

Students may find the following website useful when researching topics in RE.

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