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Students in art lesson

At Saints Peter and Paul, we recognise the vital role of art and design for students of all abilities and how it is an integral part of children’s education. It provides them with opportunities to develop their curiosity, through the encouragement of self-expression and creativity. We celebrate creativity by inspiring students to explore and value ideas, providing them with opportunities to discover the world around them. We support their emotional development and encourage individuality, enabling them to flourish in life.

Students explore a wide range of themes and experiment with a variety of media and techniques, to ensure that they receive a rich and varied curriculum. They develop the skills and knowledge required to build confident, inquisitive minds, making links with a wide spectrum of Art styles, artists and other inspirational avenues. The aim is to develop their understanding, critical awareness and appreciation of art and design.

We strive to engage students on their journey of personal and professional development, through implementing the following core values into our teaching. We believe these values promote and contribute towards the happiness and well-being of children:


  • Respect: For themselves and all members of our school community and environment.

  • Positivity: To always be prepared to have a go and accept advice.

  • Resilience: To never give up! Remain flexible, willing and open to ideas.

  • Creativity: To solve problems, generate ideas, explore imagination and develop curiosity.

  • Aspirations: To show motivation, enthusiasm and a desire to achieve success, whilst discovering future opportunities along the way.

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