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Health & Social Care


The aim of our health and social care curriculum is to develop essential specialist knowledge and skills across a variety of health, social care and early years topics, such as: values of care, effective communication, body systems and first aid. We hope to achieve a love of learning whilst also providing a deep and thorough insight into the different sectors. Additionally, the qualification provides transferable skills which supports students learning in other subjects. The units delivered on our health and social care curriculum have been chosen because at times they provide practical opportunities where students can demonstrate their skills and apply their knowledge and understanding through the use of focused activities such as role-play, case studies and scenarios. The curriculum reflects our schools' values of respect and compassion as students are taught how to communicate or provide care respectfully to service users from all backgrounds so that their dignity is maintained, and so they have areal sense of being valued.

The qualification challenges students to become independent, creativity and resilient learners whilst also developing a sense of social and moral responsibility. Students will develop personal qualities that will contribute to the creation of a caring environment when working with individuals in health, social care and early years settings. Other skills students will develop include measuring and interpreting data, research skills and self-reflection.

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