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Students in geography lesson

Geography at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic High School aims to provide an environment where students experiences and curiosity are valued, and their wisdom nurtured and supported; in which opportunities to explore fascinate and inspire; in which a sense of place deepens global understanding and allows learners to be courageous to fulfil their potential in discovering and taking responsibility for the world in which we live.



As a department, our intent is to ensure that our curriculum provides our students with effective opportunities to: 



  • Engage in a knowledge-rich curriculum and explore the remarkable achievements in the field of geography, to inspire students to want to know and discover more.

  • Explore remarkable and amazing locations which are relevant to our students both regionally, nationally and globally to deepen global understanding and responsibility.

  • Enrich our students to capture and experience a ‘sense of place’ through fieldwork by applying geographical theory in practice which will consolidate understanding and promote the dignity of the individual in unfamiliar surroundings. 

  • Delve into the wonders of the many natural processes of the earth which will support student curiosity about the world in which we live.

  • Nourish our students with an array of transferable knowledge and skills which will build resilience and provide the best opportunity to secure success in the next steps of their learning journeys, aspiring to be better tomorrow than we are today. 

  • Geography is the study of our planet; it is a subject of the past, present and future that allows us to pen our eyes to the physical and human elements of the earth.

  • Geography combines the Arts with Science Maths and Statistics.  Its strong literacy base allows students to express their opinions and interpretations whist the scientific and mathematical elements look at theories and patterns.

  • Geography allows students to explore man made aspects of our planet through human Geography and the natural elements of physical Geography.  The interaction between the two provides some of the most current issues facing modern day society such as pollution, climate change and overcrowding.

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