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Students in MFL lesson

‘’Our students embrace change in language and culture to be the best version of themselves in the modern world’’

Vision: Our vision for students studying languages in Saints Peter and Paul Catholic High School underpins the school’s vision of inclusivity, excellence and opportunity. We want our pupils to realise the importance of being a global citizen in the world beyond their local community and within the global catholic community.


Mission: We promote our catholic ethos by enabling students to realise they are members of a faith which is celebrated worldwide and we foster a passion for and an appreciation of other peoples’ language, culture and way of living through the curriculum we deliver.


Respect: Our aim is to ensure that learning a foreign language opens up students’ minds to what life is like in the wider world and foster respect for the culture of others and the global environment we live in.


Compassion: We encourage our students to be the best version of themselves through language learning. We aim to equip them with the life skills needed to venture out into the wider world, confident in the knowledge they can communicate and function effectively with the language skills we provide them.


Aspirations: Through the development of overall literacy and communication skills in the target language, both verbal and written, our vision is for students in Saints Peter and Paul Catholic High School to aspire to be a successful citizen in a global society. The curriculum we offer in Modern Languages enable students to apply their skills in Post-16 study and beyond. 


Year 7 - Spanish

Year 8 - Spanish

Year 9 - The majority of students will continue to study both languages with some specialising in French


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Year 9 - French

GCSE French 


GCSE Spanish 



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